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Cleaning Dirty Carpets in Adelaide

Looking for quality carpet cleaners at cheapest price in Adelaide? Come to Dirty Carpet Cleaners. As the name suggests, we are here to clean your dirty carpets and make them absolutely clean and hygienic. Adding health and hygiene factor to your carpets is what we specialize in. For more than 20 years we have been enhancing value to the precious carpets of Adelaide. Further, we have expertise in handling all kinds of carpets and rugs, with all kinds of fabrics such as cotton, wool, polyester, acrylic, nylon, and polypropylene. Further, we clean each carpet with a different kind of cleaning strategy to ensure it gets what deserves.

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide
Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Adelaide’s Carpet Experts

Every carpet comes with its own tag of manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and it is very crucial to adhere to those instructions for optimum results. Our carpet cleaners will always read those instructions first and then only execute a proper cleaning plan. Dirty Carpet Cleaners offers both domestic carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning all across Adelaide. We specialize in

  • Carpet mould removal
  • Stain removal from carpets
  • Carpet water damage restoration
  • Carpet restoration
  • Fire damage restoration

Do You Need Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide
Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide

Anyone who owns a carpet needs professional carpet cleaning at least once every season. This is what your carpet manufacturer says too. Dirty Carpet Cleaners assures you following results with our carpet cleaning:

  • Cleaner carpet
  • More life for the carpet
  • Healthier carpet
  • Lesser air borne diseases
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Improved working and living atmosphere

Don’t let those germs, bacteria, pollutants, and contaminants ruin your everyday life with their existence in your carpets. You can’t stop these from coming into your carpets but you can surely ensure that they don’t stay for longer by getting your carpets professionally cleaned regularly. So get in touch with Dirty Carpet Cleaners Adelaide and say hello to a cleaner lifestyle!

Guaranteed Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

At Dirty Carpet Cleaners you get guaranteed carpet cleaning. We promise to deliver excellence par comparison through our unmatched carpet cleaning solutions. And we are unable to make you happy with our services then you have the RIGHT to ask for a re-service. Further, we will happily do it again because customer satisfaction means the most to us. Additionally, we use latest carpet cleaning equipment and only eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions to deliver exceptional service without leaving any carbon footprints on the environment.

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide
Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Want your carpets to be dry cleaned? No problem, we do it at Dirty Carpet Cleaners. Our carpet dry cleaning process includes:

  • A detailed carpet inspection at initial stage.
  • Carpet pre-vacuuming to get rid of solid soil particles.
  • Washing of the carpet using agitation tools along with eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
  • Post vacuuming of the carpets to remove residual particles.
  • A detailed carpet final inspection to see if we can add more value to the carpet.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Looking for a thorough and intense carpet steam cleaning in Adelaide? Come to Dirty Carpet Cleaners and we will leave your carpets smiling again. Here is how we do it:

  • A detailed carpet inspection at initial stage.
  • Carpet pre-vacuuming to get rid of solid soil particles.
  • Stain removal to get rid of all difficult stains.
  • Hot water extraction. In this we use hot water under high pressure for deep cleaning. Afterwards, we do extraction method to remove contaminants along with all soap and water.
  • Professional pile setting of the carpet for enhancing its looks and softness.
  • Next, quick drying of the carpet to make it re-usable for you!
  • Carpet deodorization for a fresh feel.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Stain Removal Services Adelaide
Carpet Stain Removal Services Adelaide

We are here at Dirty Carpet Cleaners to attend your carpet cleaning requests at any hour of the day. Yes, we work round the clock to enable you the convenience of getting your carpets cleaned as per your availability. Also, you can ask for same day carpet cleaning and emergency carpet cleaning at no additional cost from us. We are just a call away!

Dirty Carpet Cleaner Benefits

How do you get benefitted by choosing Dirty Carpet Cleaners for your carpet cleaning?

  • We dry your carpets soon enough for you to walk on it.
  • Your carpet will become cleaner, healthier, and softer.
  • Further, you get free quotes over phone.
  • Your carpets get cleaned by certified and licensed cleaners.
  • No hidden costs at Dirty Carpet Cleaners.
  • You get eco-friendly carpet cleaning, with no harmful chemicals.
  • Additionally, we are an insured company.
  • Moreover, we are locals of Adelaide.
  • Our carpet cleaning treatment is safe for kids and pets too.

Give your carpets a professional spa by Dirty Carpet Cleaners. We have got you covered for all your carpet related problems. Whether your pet has spoiled an antique carpet of yours or your carpet has suffered from an after party ruin, we are here to help you with all of this at a very reasonable price. So Adelaide, give us a call and bring back life to your carpets!

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