Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. The dirty carpet cleaner is a leading company in Melbourne providing exceptional carpet cleaning services for long. We are not only expert at cleaning the carpet but also sanitizing it and making it 100% germ-free. Moreover, removing even the toughest of stains is not a difficult task for us. Hence, we are your one-stop destination for all your carpet cleaning needs. We even deodorize the carpet to make it feel nice and fresh. Maintaining the look of your carpets for years to come gets easy with us.

Carpet Stain Removal Services in Melbourne
Carpet Stain Removal Services in Melbourne

Importance of carpets at home-

No matter what type of flooring you have, if you have carpets at home, these can act as instant beauty enhancers for your home. Moreover, these are available in a wide variety with different colors, patterns and designs to choose from. People usually prefer carpets matching with the interiors of their home. While selecting the perfect carpet for your home is not that difficult a task, the real problem is to clean it and maintain it for a long period of time. Since, carpets are not a cheap investment, due care must be taken to maintain the texture and fluffiness of the carpet.

Dirty carpets can be a source of germs!

Dirty carpets can be the reason for a number of issues and can be dangerous, especially for kids and pets. They spend most of their time playing on carpets and can hence catch germs and bacteria very easily. Moreover, these harmful bacteria have a tendency to multiply and grow in size. While you cannot avoid the use of carpets, here are a few facts you must know about carpets-

  • Dirty carpet can be the leading reason for the different type of allergies.
  • The harmful bacteria – campylobacter usually lives on the carpet and can lead to a variety of issues. This can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain and fever to name a few.
  • Norovirus are also commonly found on carpets. These have a long life and can stay for about 4-6 days in a stretch. Moreover, these can cause stomach flu and digestive problems.

Why is Carpet Cleaning Melbourne essential?

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
  1. Removal of dust, mites, and contaminants- Due to a rise in pollution, dust, mites and other contaminants tend to accumulate in the air. These also settle over the surface of your carpet, hence giving it a dull and shabby look. Moreover, dirty carpets act as a shelter for dust mites and other allergens. Hence, regular cleaning is important to keep your carpets and your family members safe. With regular cleaning, not only can you keep a watch over mites and insects but also dodge away any dirt which might be present.
  2. Removal of odor- If your carpets are dirty, they start liberating an unpleasant odor. Hence, frequent carpet cleaning is essential to keep your home environment fresh.
  3. Stain Removal- Carpets with stains are most shabby to look at. Moreover, these stains if left untreated can become stubborn and difficult to remove. This also becomes the cause of embarrassment in front of guests. Hence, regular stain removal and cleaning are necessary.
  4. Healthier lifestyle- Dirty carpets are a home to different types of bacteria, virus, and allergens. These can, in turn, create health problems for you and your family. Hence, frequent carpet cleaning is essential to lead a healthier lifestyle.
  5. Increases the life of your carpet- When you make sure that your carpets are clean, you are in a way increasing its life. Apart from maintenance, it also enhances the look and feel of your interiors. Hence, your home gets more clean and tidy.

Carpet cleaning methods we follow-

Although there are a lot of DIY methods which one can follow, these are not as effective as professional carpet cleaning. Dirty Carpet Cleaning Melbourne specializes in all types of carpet cleaning techniques. Some of them are as follows-

Carpet Shampoo Cleaning Melbourne
Carpet Shampoo Cleaning Melbourne
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning- By using steam and efficient cleaning agents, your carpets can be restored to the previous version. This is one of the best ways to clean your carpets in a quick manner. Apart from removing all types of dirt, dust and other particles, we also deodorize your carpet under this.
  • Regular carpet cleaning- By using our expert carpet cleaning and sanitization methods, we make sure that there is no long-term damage on your carpets. Hence, we aid in its maintenance. This keeps your carpet in shape and lends it a long life.
  • Carpet fire and smoke restoration- It is common for men to men to smoke in the lounge area where carpet usually lies. Moreover, accidental fire or ignition might also happen. With our carpet fire and smoke restoration services, it gets easy to restore your carpets to its previous condition. While you might worry about the odor too, you can leave the task on us. Apart from clean up, we will also make sure that your carpets are not radiating any bad odor.
  • End of lease carpet cleaning- At the end of your lease agreement, you would never want to take home carpets which are dirty and stinky. Hence, carpet cleaning is the best option. With our efficient staff and process, you will be able to shift to your new home with new-like carpets.

Our carpet cleaning procedure:-

We follow a highly effective carpet cleaning procedure to make sure that your carpets are 100% clean. Here is the step-by-step detail of our carpet cleaning procedure-

Carpet Sanitization Melbourne
Carpet Sanitization Melbourne
  • Pre-inspection- As soon as we receive your call and get a confirmation, our experts will come right at your place. They will insect the type of carpets you own, the fabric they are made up of. Accordingly, they suggest the best cleaning method which will suit your carpet.
  • Vacating the carpet area- This is an important step to ensure that no part of your carpet is left dirty. Our cleaners will move all the furniture which might be lying on the carpet. Hence, they make sure that the carpet is accessible and every corner of can be cleaned.
  • Vacuum- Our experts will then vacuum your carpets using our high power vacuum cleaners. Starting from the center, they will move towards the edges. Moreover, they have the skills and expertise and carry out the process depending upon the fabric.
  • Stain blotting- Stain removal is extremely important when it comes to maintaining the look of your carpets. We use environmentally friendly, natural cleaners to blot the stains off your carpet. This is done by blotting the stains using cloth.
  • Steam cleaning- For removing dirt, dust, and debris from the deep layers of your carpet, steam cleaning is one of the most effective methods. Moreover, it also makes your carpet dry out faster. This gives your carpets a super-clean look.
  • Fast Drying- We will then make dry your carpets by using our efficient dryers. We also restore your furniture back to its place after fast drying.
  • Sanitization and deodorization- Finally, we sanitize your carpets and remove the foul smell. Hence, we give your carpets a fresh and new-like finish.

Our specializations:-

Although we are a renowned carpet cleaning company in Melbourne, we have certain specializations. We are aware of all the carpet cleaning techniques and procedures. No matter, what your problem is we have a solution for you. Here are some of the things we are expert at-

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne
Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne
  • Organic carpet cleaning
  • Carpet sanitization
  • Fast drying
  • Deodorization of carpets
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Carpet repair and restoration
  • Carpet stain protection
  • Flood water damage restoration
  • Fire and smoke restoration
  • Deep shampoo cleaning
  • Odor removal

Why choose us?

  • We provide exceptional services at a pocket-friendly price.
  • Since we believe in quality services, we never offer you dissatisfactory services.
  • We are available 24*7, even during public holidays and weekends.
  • We have won many awards and recognition for our commendable services.
  • Our highly efficient staff is extremely hard-working.
  • We use only bio-friendly chemicals which do not cause any harm to you as well as the environment.
  • Many years of experience and expertise.
  • Use of latest equipment and tools.
  • Same day carpet cleaning services available.

Give us a call now on 1800 425 549 to avail our expert services now. Let your carpets exude style and elegance. Make them new like again by availing our services. Best quality is what we guarantee.

Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia