Are dirty carpets bothering you? At Dirty Carpet Cleaners, Perth, we can help you restore your carpets to its original state. We have a team of highly professional and expert staff who know of all the carpet cleaning techniques to make your carpets new-like again. We use latest equipment and tools to ensure your carpets stay clean for a long period of time. Our cleaners follow the strict protocols set by us when it comes to cleaning your carpet in a professional manner. Hence, we deliver exceptional services to every client.

Carpet Cleaning Perth
Carpet Cleaning Perth

Call us to speak to our experts about your requirements and enhance the beauty of your home. Dirt Carpet Cleaners, Perth promise you of making your carpets 100% clean. Being a homeowner moreover comes with a lot of responsibilities. Apart from taking care of your family, you also need to ensure that your belongings stay in shape. We help you achieve this with ease. Try our services once and you would want to try it all over again. Carpets moreover are an important accessory which requires care.

How does Dirty Carpet Cleaning, Perth works?

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Perth
Same Day Carpet Cleaning Perth
  1. Online Booking-

    You need to give us a call or click on the online booking option and follow the steps to fix an appointment. You will receive a confirmation from our end as soon as you do this.

  1. Meet our expert-

    A well-equipped cleaner will come right to your place to o the day fixed by you.

  1. Inspection –

    Our experts will then closely examine your carpets. They will see what is the fabric, what is their type and accordingly suggest a cleaning method for you. Moreover, he will convey the same to you and give you options as to which cleaning methods are going to work the best for you.  You can choose amongst them and they will begin the cleaning process.

  1. Cleaning-

    He will remove all the items form your carpets and based on your choice, will proceed with the best cleaning method. This usually includes procedures such as scrubbing, vacuuming to name a few.

  1. Sanitization and amazing results—

    After cleaning is complete, our experts will once again re inspect your carpets. They will also sanitize them to make sure there are no germs or bacteria.  Hence, what you will be left with is beautifully cleaned carpets which are 100% neat and clean.

Key benefits of professional carpet cleaning-

Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth
Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth
  •  Cleaner carpets for a long period of time-

    We believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Hence, we clean your carpets from top to bottom and even its deepest layers.  We do not just agitate the surface dirt but make sure that the deeper layers are also 100% clean. Moreover, when your carpets are clean, they will add to the beauty of your home for a longer period of time. Hence, we at Dirty Carpet Cleaners believe in giving your carpets a long life.

  •  Hygienic and healthy carpets-

    Our carpet cleaners are certified and experts in their field. Apart from ensuring the hygiene of your carpets, they also ensure their personal hygiene as well. By using neutral cleaners with no harmful toxins, they give their best to give your carpets a new-like feel. Hence, you get healthy and hygienic carpets which 100% germ free.

The methods we follow to give your carpets or rugs a fresh feel-

You need to guide our cleaners towards the area where your carpet is lying. Our experts will inspect it and begin the cleaning procedure. Here are some of the main cleaning methods we follow-

  • Hot water extraction-

    Carpet Cleaning Hot Water Extraction
    Carpet Cleaning Hot Water Extraction

    This is useful especially in case of synthetic and mix fibre carpets. A high power hot water extraction machine will be put to use to rinse your carpets. Moreover, even the cleaning solution will be of matching quality. This is an efficient method which removes all the grime from your carpets. Additionally, it also extracts the moisture from the deep layers of your carpet. Hence, this is an efficient carpet cleaning method which removes dirt and contaminants even from the deepest layers of your carpets.

    Along with synthetic fibers, hot water extraction method is also good for commercial carpets, high traffic flooring, soiled carpets and carpets with deep stains.  The dry-time is usually 2 to 4 hours.

  • Carpet dry cleaning-

    This is suitable for natural or delicate fibres. A Rotary machine is put into use to absorb a dry solvent into the deep layers of your carpet. Although a bit of moisture is used, the drying time is usually minimalistic. Moreover, this is a method we recommend for delicate carpets or those which have less contamination. If drying time is an issue and you want a quick and efficient service, then bonnet dry cleaning is the best method for you.

    Expert Tip- To check the quality of your carpets, fold the back side of the carpet and check the density of the yarns. If you can view a lot of it through the yarns then the carpet is of poor quality.

Rug Cleaning –

Rug Cleaning Perth
Rug Cleaning Perth

The rug cleaning process usually depends upon two things- the type of rug and the fibre it is made up of. While cotton, silk and synthetic rugs require common cleaning procedures, it is the oriental, shag, silk and Persian rugs which require additional care. The common cleaning procedure involves inspection, vacuuming, washing, agitation and dry cleaning. The special care in case of silk and Persian carpets is in the form of specialized cleaning detergent or application of certain uncommon techniques. The technicians moreover are trained to do a patch test in order to determine the best cleaning solution for your rugs. Additionally, they use chemicals which are 100% harmless and does not harm either the environment or your family and friends. Hence fresh mats and rugs in brightened up colors is what you get.

Scotchgard Stain Protection-

While you cannot avoid accidental spills, it becomes a cause of concern if you spill something right after you got your carpets professionally cleaned. Hence, we have come up with a solution you would definitely want to avail. You can opt for your scotchgard stain protection services which involve the use of stain repellants on your carpets.  This works like magic on your newly-cleaned carpets.

Here’s how we do it- A scotchgard stain repellant will be applied on your carpets.  This will ensure that even if there are spills, you are able to clean it. Hence, by using stain protection, you make sure that no stains settle on the surface of your carpets.  Finally, it lets you clean your carpets with ease.

Contact us now and get your carpets cleaned in an efficient manner.

Our carpet cleaning process is tough on stains but gentle on carpet-

Carpet Dry Cleaning
Carpet Dry Cleaning

The process moreover ensures the following things-

  • Deep cleaning
  • Quick drying
  • Use of safe chemicals which are non-toxic as well.
  • No threat of shrinkages, mold, rot, mildew or floor damage.
  • 100% clean carpets.
  • No dirt, residue and hence re-soiling.
  • Extended life of your carpets.

Why choose us?

  • We guarantee you fresh and clean carpets which are ready to walk on.
  • Removal of all stains and contaminants from the surface of your carpets.
  • Restoration of carpets back to its original state.
  • We make sure that your carpets don’t shrink or change shape.
  • We also ensure there are no germs, bacteria or pollutants on your carpet.
  • 100% customer satisfaction is what we believe in. Moreover, we also make sure that your carpets are odor free and completely dry.
  • We are available 24*7, even on weekends and during public holidays.

Give us a call now to get in touch with our expert.  Give your carpets a makeover by availing our expert services at a reasonable price.

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Location: Perth, WA, Australia